Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The importance of narrative in reaching a desired audience:

Narration is a story of some event in a chronological order; it should be logical and easy to follow. A narrative will contain a plot, characters, setting & theme. It will also describe a problem, response, action, outcome & end with a conclusion. Narrative is important because it is the glue that holds the story together. A narrative will help us to educate and motivate our audience by creating meaning. Use of narrative helps us to support larger arguments. George Bush used narrative of 9-11 to support the efforts of the war. A thesis in a narrative will help to show different lessons learned. It will explain the moral of the story and explain lessons learned. The use of a flashback can be used to explain where it all began. When using a flashback it is important to keep it segmented by only writing past tense in the flash back. When coming back from the flashback you should state it.

Example of narrative:

We all make mistakes in life; the important thing is what we learn from them. When I was 4 or 5 my cousin Shelly and I were helping my grandparents put together a 3000 piece puzzle that they had been working on for days. By mistake I bumped the table and several pieces went flying. They were all very frustrated with me; I was asked if I did it on accident or on purpose. After a long time of being grilled on the matter I told them I did it on purpose. After a royal chew out, I finally confessed that I did not know that meaning of either word. They all laughed which at the time made me feel more embarrassed but when I look back on this experience there are many things that I learned from it. If you are confused about something just ask, don't use words that you don't understand & your family will still love you even when you make silly mistakes.

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