Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New found Love

My dearest Love,
Do you remember in the third grade when we met for the first time? Until then, I knew you existed, but I really had no interest.  It was in Miss Clomps class. She was kind of old and grouchy, not to mention grumpy, cranky, ill-tempered, and a little ornery.  I also do not think she liked anyone who was high-spirited with lots of energy, which was everything that I was.  That is why when she introduced me to you I thought you were old-fashioned and boring.  She really made a poor introduction. Between your focused personality and my lack of attention, there was no hope for us in the beginning. It was Miss Clomp who helped me to really enjoy the song by Pink Floyd “We Don’t Need No Education” and drove me to sing “hey teacher leave them kids alone”.   So at that time, I really had no interest in you or my other love.
When we first met, you were mature and sophisticated and I was not.  I was young and full of energy.  I would rather go play ball or run a 3 legged race, and honestly what I knew of you did not make sense.  At first I paid no attention.  Then when I tried, I still could not understand. You seemed to defy all logic.  In eight and ninth grade, I really tried hard to understand you again but still could not.  You always lived by your own rules. I would spend what seemed to be hours and thought I had you figured out; only to find out that you had jumped track and gone a different way.  Because of this, I thought that it could never be for us. From what I could tell you liked to make up rules and then break them, unlike my other love who would consistently follow them. 
My other love she was easy to figure out, no mysteries, no deception.  If she said something she meant it and it was always that way.  No games of cat and mouse. No smoke and mirrors. Her logic and ability to think deeply was so interesting to me. It really kept my attention.  Originally that is what I thought I wanted, but lately she has been too easy to understand. With simple calculations I can tell where she is headed and it is usually in the same boring direction, unlike you. With you, it is always a mystery. No calculated plans and ending up in the same old place. You always give me a refreshing experience which constantly ends up in an unexpected spot.  I decided a long time ago you were too complicated, hard to understand and not worth the risk. Recently, I have had a change of heart and have been tempted to reconsider.
It is true that when I was younger it could have never worked out.  I was far too immature, but now that I am older I think it might. I think if I worked harder, maybe I could figure you out. This is why I am writing you to see if you will allow me a second chance. I know I will have to spend more time at it, getting up earlier and staying up later.  It will be less watching TV and less time at the gym. I will have to leave work earlier, with shorter lunch hours and fewer lazy days at the side of the pool. But I think all the hard work will be worth the sacrifice. I am willing to make the commitment, try harder, and be more focused.

Yes, my love.  I think it will work out this time. Let’s give it another try. I am sure we can make it work out and with your sophistication. I don’t think we will ever get bored with it. This is why I am willing to take the risk and will be leaving Math to come to my one true love, which is English.