Monday, May 16, 2011

Pier to Pier Review

I found pier to pier review to be important. I got some suggestions on how I could better structure some parts of my essay. I also thought that my essay was free of typos but several were still found to be there which surprised me since I had already gone over it several times. All in all I found pier review to be a good writing tool and hope that my suggestions were helpful for the papers that I reviewed.

Cause/Effect Text Structure: I found it interesting that although there are several text structures that cause/effect is the one that is used most often in text books. I can see how using Q Networks could help you to better comprehend what it is that you are reading. Q Networks is way of diagramming the text that you are reading and can be use in place of narrative reading.

There are 2 stages involved in constructing Q Networks.

Stage 1: Recognizing the main ideas being presented.
Asking the following questions can help you to identify the main event:
What is the author telling the readers about the idea or event?
What does the author say about the topic, expressed in a sentence?
Which words in the passages are repeated throughout?
Is the message presented in the first or last paragraph?

Stage 2: Identifying Text Structure.
Asking the following questions can help you to identify the cause/effect text structure:
Do the events interact with one another?
Does the interaction lead to a final goal or event?
Do the events act on each other in consecutive order and lead directly to the main event?
Do the events acting either alone or together contribute to the development of the main event in no specific time order?

After you have identified the cause/effect text structure there are 2 types of diagrams that you might need to use Chain Reaction or Chain Link. In chain reaction you are diagramming events in sequential order, Chain Link allows you to diagram several events that led up to the main event but may not be directly related.

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